The reality behind a blog growth

For twenty years, for each day, we get a little taller. This is the reality for most humans.

We can clone this physical reality to understand just like humans, blogs take their cycle to grow, develop and mature into a fully scaled website.

However, there are more stacks and more quantum to this. One day we are at scale X, and on another, we will be at scale Y. The leaping from scale X to scale Y takes guts. It doesn’t follow a simple linear equation as in the case of staircase climb.

Bloggers remain relentless to move from scale X to scale Y.

The bloggers and the status quo

Human beings are living within the systems. Bloggers are human beings. Bloggers are within systems.

The system works hard to maintain the status quo. Bloggers get deluded that circumstances are powerful. Indeed they are, and they are not.

Teachers are doing their best, but the teachers, the parents, and the regents.

The board members got elected with good intentions. But the state and the unions and the parents.

The textbook publisher wants to do better, but the board.

Bloggers, you get the idea. The circumstances are system and they conspire to put us under them.

Bloggers to beat the status quo, the solution is to start small, and big enough to put you on the hook. Write something that is interesting and then write something more.

You have crossed the first level of challenge. Kudos.

Fun is the powerful fuel to achieve blogging mileage

We, humans, tend to get bored easily with the frequency of occurrence of certain patterns that are very high in our daily chores. Blogging can become boring at times.

What drives our struggle so that we remain constantly motivated on the regular terror of the daily banal?

We all have heard that voice either through ourselves or from our loved ones: “Better days are coming”.

When we are fretting about the seemingly never-ending struggle those words act as a mantra when often recited can increase resilience and help us to be consistent for more days.

There is hope for bloggers who get bored easily, but

Even, if it is true, how critically important would be to invest in a project. what merits will the project offer when accomplished?

Monetary benefits are one of the most powerful driving forces behind any blogging activity. Monetary benefits stand-alone won’t sustain the blogging efforts over a long period of time.

Blogging is one such slog, if you are not endlessly passionate you wont last your trajectory.

If you are writing only for money, then, you may tire and retire soon.

Fun is the fuel.

Bloggers fund is the fuel

Psychology of Fun

Amusement parks, casinos, cruises, a large sector of economies — They all market consumer fun.

In a study published by the scholars of Columbia University, it was found that there are two psychological pillars of consumer fun are identified: Hedonic engagement and a sense of liberation.

Hedonic engagement further relies on

  • Perception of novelty, and
  • Connectedness, and
  • A sense of spontaneity and
  • Impressions of boundedness.

Bloggers — efforts and quality are not the same

According to the American society for quality → Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy given needs.

Quality could also be seen as consistency in meeting certain specifications. A measure of promise, which is delivered.

The effort is when we have to work against the monotony of the ordinary.

Climbing hill, for example, which is opposite of coasting.

Coasting is when you are free-flowing in the direction of acceleration.

Falling in gravity. Cycling downhill, for example.

We are taught that efforts equal quality. If you try harder you will simply deliver quality.

If we look at the successful and failed organizations or individuals with a reputation for quality we find that efforts are not always sustainable and neither do they account for quality.

Have you seen the laborers in the underdeveloped nations who work so hard? They invest in efforts.

If you are focussing solely on efforts, the quality problems will persist.

Persistent quality problems are the system issue. Unless you design a good blogging system, you are not going to improve.

The question is how?

I will try to answer in another post.

Stay tuned and subscribe.

Bloggers and content strategists — no one knows everything

I received an email from one of our clients and she got depressed because someone demotivated her that content marketing is time-consuming and may not be realistic without investors.

I want to tell you that through blogging and excellent content strategy you can scale your website traffic from zero to thousands of visitors per day, in a very short span of time.

You don’t need investors’ money to hire niche bloggers for content creation. You can accomplish it yourself.

Content creation is that tool that can win the sprint and the marathon with the one-man army.

No one knows everything. No one knows precisely what will happen.

No one can produce the desired future on-demand.

Some people are better at guessing, but no one is a clear clairvoyant.

The people who were infatuated to know everything rejected Harry Potter, Walt Disney, and the Beatles.

The real gap is not between people who know and who don’t know, but

The real gap is between the people who are consistent with their best works then who hold back.

Action and consistency are power.

Don’t listen to Naysayers.

Motion forward.

Content marketing with intent

Content marketing is comparable to art.

Art creates change.

Content marketing can fulfill the same purpose.

Change may be — a change in perspective, a change in the viewer, and sometimes it is so powerful that it impacts the whole culture.

The same goes with content marketing, which when done without any intent can only entertain us or enforce stereotypes that already persist in the world.

Content marketing with selfish intent exists to manipulate the reader to serve the needs of the marketer.

It doesn’t often mushroom, but when it does it can have a massive impact on our sales.

The impact can be both positive or negative.

But content marketing with generous intent is different.

It might not address the issue the way you would have imagined, but it can create tension to break locked thinking & think critically, and device methods that can transition to the transformation of your business.

If the article sounds confusing then I have a Clue: Niche blogging.

I am not sure if content marketers are clear about what they want when they sat down for creating content.

Content marketing itself seems to make a change in the world. And the ability to create content through intent lies in each of us.

Being focused and niche blogging could be the answer to many of the results anticipated by the content marketers.

Content repurposing — more from your content

14 Ways to Get More Mileage from Your Content — Content repurposing

Many entrepreneurs I talk to about social media marketing or blogging quickly get overwhelmed at the thought of ‘creating all that content!’.

Their minds are quickly put to rest when I explain content repurposing and its benefits. If you’ve been in business for more than a few weeks, chances are good that you have a ton of content already created.

Not only that, but you probably have even more content that’s partially done. So instead of creating new content, look at ways you can repurpose what you already have.

Get more form the 3 R’s — Rewriting, Reformatting, and Recombining

Rewriting means taking a piece of content you created and simply rewording it so that it’s original. Add new information and do some editing as you rewrite. You can update your old articles by adding up-to-date information. Also, instead of rewriting a piece line-by-line, you can reorganize it.

Recombining means taking two or more different pieces of content and putting them together into one. You can do this and still produce a piece of content that’s focused and simple. For example, if you have three articles on work/life balance, you can create one article that’s something like, “3 Ways to Achieve Work/Life Balance Now.”

Along with recombining, you can also take an article apart and create multiple articles from its sections. If you have an article that teaches 10 tips for doing something, you can turn each of those tips into standalone articles. It’s all a matter of adding or removing details.

Reformatting means to take a piece of content that’s in one format and turn it into a piece of content in another format. For example, you can take an article and use it as a video script.

14 ways to reformat include:

  • Record live events and have them transcribed to create tons of written content that can be used in your newsletter, blog posts, or for downloads.
  • Using content to create the outline for a webinar
  • Use key ideas to create a video. This can be particularly effective if you have a report, eBook, or online learning program. You can simplify the information and use the video to motivate purchases.
  • Bundling old blog posts for your email marketing or “best of” round-up posts
  • Turning blog posts, infographics or PDFs into slides
  • Combine short from relevant content to create a live event, eBook, or online learning program. You’ve probably already published enough information to create a fuller product. Blog posts can be pulled together to create a report. Reports could be compiled to create an eBook or a downloadable course.
  • Creating a Pinterest board for your blog posts
  • Taking facts or statistics from your articles and turn them into tweets
  • Taking bits of content to use for a daily or weekly tip newsletter
  • Turning content into a script or talking points for a podcast
  • Summarizing the main points of a piece of content and make them into an infographic
  • Pull key ideas from your longer content to create social media content.
  • Pull key ideas from your content to create motivational graphics. Do you have a tip or quote that you can place over a relevant image? You can then share the graphic on your blog and on social media sites.
  • Keep your blog posts effortlessly bringing your target audience from your social media platforms to your website for an entire year with .

You can essentially turn any type of content into any other type of content. Take old content that you have which is still relevant and useful for your audience, and see how many other formats you can transform it into.

Stop laboring over your content marketing and start squeezing more out of every piece of content you create!

It’s time to learn how to squeeze every drop of goodness out of all the amazing content you create and quit letting all your hard work go to waste!

So, if you want to:

  • Save time on content creation (so you have more time to spend with clients-or your family!)
  • Get leads and make more money from the same piece of content over and over again (This is a real thing-and I can show you how to do it!)
  • Win more customers with less work!
  • Work content repurposing into your current marketing plan in fun, creative ways