Rule of 72 in Blogging

The Rule of 72 is a financial concept used to estimate the time it takes for an investment to double in value based on a fixed annual rate of return. However, when it comes to blogging success, the Rule of 72 can be adapted as a rough guideline, but it’s not a precise rule.

In blogging, you might use a modified version of the Rule of 72 to estimate the growth of your audience or the success of your blog over time. For example, if you have a certain growth rate (e.g., number of subscribers, monthly page views, revenue), you could estimate how long it might take for that metric to double.

Rule of 72 in Blogging

Here’s a basic example:

Let’s say your blog is currently gaining 10 new subscribers per month. Using the Rule of 72, you could estimate that it would take approximately 7.2 months for your subscriber count to double (72 divided by 10 equals 7.2).

However, blogging success depends on many factors beyond just growth rate, including content quality, promotion strategies, niche competition, and audience engagement. So while the Rule of 72 can provide a rough estimate, it’s important to remember that real-world success may vary significantly.

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