The subtle truth behind a blog growth

For twenty years, for each day, we get a little taller. This is the reality for most humans.

The colorful butterflies are fascinating and beautiful. Butterflies are not beautiful since birth. They go through a fascinating transformation from egg to beautiful colorful adults. This process of changing shapes is called Metamorphosis.

The life cycle of a butterfly is an amazing journey of life. Butterflies change shape through four different stages during their lifetime: the egg, the Larva (Caterpillar), the Pupa (Chrysalis), and the adult butterfly.

The bamboo tree has a very unique growth cycle. It teaches us about the invisible threshold. It has to patiently endure every single day. It is not born from the womb of the ground for 5 years, but once it breaks through, it can grow up to 100 feet in just 5 weeks.

We can clone these physical realities to understand just like humans, butterflies, or bamboo growth, blogs take their cycle to grow, evolve and mature into a scaled website.

There are more stacks and more quantum to this. One day blog is at scale X, and on another, the blog will be at scale Y. The leaping from scale X to scale Y will never be linear. It doesn’t follow a simple linear equation as in the case of staircase climb. It will be exponential.

Bloggers must remain relentless to move from scale X to scale Y.

There is a slog and then there is a piece of good news there is mathematical e, the exponential function that is mathematical certainty for growth of a blog.

What initially looks linear is actually the initial curve of the mathematical function e, which looks like linear, though it is not.

e is Euler’s number, which is one of the most important constants in mathematics.

Our all readers may not be from the fully mathematical background so we will not dive too deeper into mathematical details, but to make it simple Euler’s number is the base of an exponential function whose rate of growth is always proportionate to its present value.

The exponential function ex always grows at a rate of ex, a feature that is not true of other bases and one that vastly simplifies the algebra surrounding exponents and logarithms.

It frequently appears in problems dealing with exponential growth or decay, where the rate of growth is proportionate to the existing population. In finance, is also used in calculations of compound interest, where wealth grows at a set rate over time.

The bloggers, the content writers, the content strategists can use this understanding to attain visibility that they are moving forward, exponentially. The more quality content they keep on creating with the passage of time they will start seeing traffic and their website will scale.

In the exponential function if x represents the amount of content added, then as the time flows then the website will scale.

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