Mindfulness for bloggers — Now there are zero obstacles

Mindfulness for bloggers. The restless mind

Blogging is a very testing job. If you succeed in blogging and in scaling any website then I can guarantee you can succeed in anything you are passionate about.

Bloggers you are entrepreneurs. Nurture the ability to disdain any no placed in front of you.

The first thing that we have to learn as a blogger, and in life, is to inoculate any reality imposed upon us.

Passion is the key. No Passion. No Point.

Space, human resources, tools, and many other things can be rented, but passion can’t be.

As a blogger, When you’re having a bad day, or things aren’t quite going right, you’ll notice that other things come along that derail your focus. That’s when you employ one of the most self-defeating observations on the planet, “I’m having one of those days!”

There are critically mindful ways to break away from negative thinking throughout the day.

  1. Move away from that place where you feel negativity. Do something passionate.
  2. Doing something passionate even for 20 minutes.
  3. Do something opposite of the negative.
  4. Do something, which is pure fun.
  5. Once you have negated the routine and boredom. Now come back to work.
  6. The obstacles that were making you lose your focus and passion are now disappeared. You can no longer recognize them.

In quantum physics, there is a hypothesis for a reality.
Consciousness creates reality. Are the obstacles real? Are speed bumps real?

Reality also depends more on interpretation. There are no road bumps and no obstacles when you are not perceiving that reality. There is a high-energy state when and where you really start to enjoy everything so passionately that obstacles and bumps are not visible to you. This is a turbocharged state, and there are no fears. When you are in this turbocharged space you are completely in a new zone.

Same situation, but why two people do not react or respond to the same situation in a similar way? Some may react pessimistically and some may respond optimistically.

There is no lucid explanation why different people, similarly informed, will react differently and opt either for optimism or pessimism.

We generally react or respond to external events and based on that we either behave in optimism or pessimism. Both optimism and pessimism are tools and can serve us if we know how to use them. We can effectively use them when we are conscious and mindful.

The mood is a choice that will affect what we will select and what we will achieve today. Today’s consistency will become tomorrow’s massive result. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.

Optimism is that selection, which when wisely opted acts as a tool for a better day, better performance, and better emotion and time management.

Mood as universal default is a double-edged sword. Either you use it pessimistically and it will lead you to misguided energy and poor decisions. But if we can be conscious about optimism as a tactic, the focus, and energy it brings can solve problems that others will get away with.

Our pessimism might not be an accurate reproduction of something from the past. It might simply be a tool we’re using to predict the future we are not happy with.

Failure is villainized in conventional and dogmatic society. So much that it has penetrated in the understanding of daily chores.

Now, pair those with your new discovery mindset. You don’t fear failure, because there is no failure, just the chance to discover more about how to do something. Authenticity, passion, and a commitment to do and discover. That’s a phenomenal tank to roll into any battle with.

There are so many people and so many of their realities. How much do you believe in your projects, will make them successful or fail? Passion and authenticity are one and when they coincide only then can you anticipate an output. If you want to succeed in blogging(or in anything else) you can’t have one without the other.

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