WordPress vs Blogger

According to Envisage Digital, a remarkable 37% of all websites on the internet harness the power of WordPress. WordPress transcends the realm of a mere blogging platform, offering immense suitability for individuals seeking more than a mere digital diary. It proves exceptionally advantageous for those desiring absolute command over their website’s aesthetics or seeking formidable add-ons that can be seamlessly integrated throughout the site.

It is crucial to acknowledge the existence of two distinct “versions” of WordPress: WordPress.org and WordPress.com. WordPress.com serves as the hosted variant, enabling effortless registration and immediate utilization. Opting for the free rendition grants a WordPress subdomain, accompanied by an ostentatious banner endorsing WordPress at the apex, and severely limited customization options. This configuration might prove ideal for individuals seeking a simple blog, albeit necessitating the quest for a likable template and its subsequent customization. Alternatively, one can opt for a personalized domain name and the eradication of the banner, yet it remains vital to recognize that this remains a hosted solution, effectively denying access to the backend files of one’s blog.

Conversely, WordPress.org serves as the repository from which one can freely download the files necessary for independent website construction within their chosen hosting provider. Embracing WordPress entails a potential time investment for setup, as well as a rudimentary understanding of CSS, HTML, and file management. Although WordPress can be acquired without cost, securing a suitable hosting provider becomes imperative, granting the ability to administer files, establish databases, and so forth. Even with the most rudimentary configuration, a few hours are likely to be devoted to establishing a fully functional environment. While undeniably potent, I would not readily endorse WordPress for the sole purpose of blogging.


Blogger, an offering from the esteemed house of Google, represents an outstandingly free blogging tool. Familiarity may also arise with the name Blogspot, given that the provision of a blog imparts a Blogspot subdomain. Despite any negative perception it may encounter, this tool proves exemplary for the realm of blogging. For those well-versed in CSS and HTML, the creation of visually captivating and professionally rendered websites becomes an attainable feat. Alternatively, one may choose from a selection of basic templates and commence blogging with ease.

A highly cherished attribute of Blogger lies in its unwavering commitment to bestow upon users the privilege of employing a custom domain, entirely free of charge. While a yoursite.blogspot.com domain may exude an element of informality, individuals in possession of their own domain name will discover Blogger to be an exceptional conduit for sharing their creations in the digital sphere. Personally, I abstained from selecting Blogger due to the scarcity of available subdomains and my desire to align myself with a more professional environment. However, if your objective primarily revolves around establishing a blog, Blogger emerges as a faultless choice worthy of consideration!


In summary, the choice between Medium, WordPress, and Blogger hinges upon your specific requirements. Opting for Blogger would be ideal if you simply seek a casual, cost-free blogging experience. Conversely, if you aspire to engage in a writers’ community while presenting a formal aesthetic, Medium should be your preferred option. Should you desire a more intricate platform resembling a website rather than a mere blog, WordPress shall undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable companion.

It is my sincere hope that this article provides valuable guidance to those contemplating the initiation of a blog, yet remain uncertain regarding the appropriate platform selection. Regardless of the chosen avenue, the paramount objective should always revolve around deriving pleasure from the endeavor.

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