Fun is the powerful fuel to achieve blogging mileage

We, humans, tend to get bored easily with the frequency of occurrence of certain patterns that are very high in our daily chores. Blogging can become boring at times.

What drives our struggle so that we remain constantly motivated on the regular terror of the daily banal?

We all have heard that voice either through ourselves or from our loved ones: “Better days are coming”.

When we are fretting about the seemingly never-ending struggle those words act as a mantra when often recited can increase resilience and help us to be consistent for more days.

There is hope for bloggers who get bored easily, but

Even, if it is true, how critically important would be to invest in a project. what merits will the project offer when accomplished?

Monetary benefits are one of the most powerful driving forces behind any blogging activity. Monetary benefits stand-alone won’t sustain the blogging efforts over a long period of time.

Blogging is one such slog, if you are not endlessly passionate you wont last your trajectory.

If you are writing only for money, then, you may tire and retire soon.

Fun is the fuel.

Bloggers fund is the fuel

Psychology of Fun

Amusement parks, casinos, cruises, a large sector of economies — They all market consumer fun.

In a study published by the scholars of Columbia University, it was found that there are two psychological pillars of consumer fun are identified: Hedonic engagement and a sense of liberation.

Hedonic engagement further relies on

  • Perception of novelty, and
  • Connectedness, and
  • A sense of spontaneity and
  • Impressions of boundedness.

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