Bloggers failures are not final

A common trait I notice among great bloggers is that their energy is always forward-oriented. They ruminate on the last thing just long enough to learn from mistakes, and then they move on to the next conquest.

They absorb the wins and reflect the losses so as not to get bogged down in self-doubt.

They have failures, but they never let themselves be defined as a failure. They simply broaden their definition of what it means to win in order to accommodate a specific failure, and they extend their time horizon to achieve ultimate success.

Don’t let the trials define you. Just the triumphs.

P.S. Inspired from an interview of Jeff Bezos.

Mindfulness for bloggers — Now there are zero obstacles

Mindfulness for bloggers. The restless mind

Blogging is a very testing job. If you succeed in blogging and in scaling any website then I can guarantee you can succeed in anything you are passionate about.

Bloggers you are entrepreneurs. Nurture the ability to disdain any no placed in front of you.

The first thing that we have to learn as a blogger, and in life, is to inoculate any reality imposed upon us.

Passion is the key. No Passion. No Point.

Space, human resources, tools, and many other things can be rented, but passion can’t be.

As a blogger, When you’re having a bad day, or things aren’t quite going right, you’ll notice that other things come along that derail your focus. That’s when you employ one of the most self-defeating observations on the planet, “I’m having one of those days!”

There are critically mindful ways to break away from negative thinking throughout the day.

  1. Move away from that place where you feel negativity. Do something passionate.
  2. Doing something passionate even for 20 minutes.
  3. Do something opposite of the negative.
  4. Do something, which is pure fun.
  5. Once you have negated the routine and boredom. Now come back to work.
  6. The obstacles that were making you lose your focus and passion are now disappeared. You can no longer recognize them.

In quantum physics, there is a hypothesis for a reality.
Consciousness creates reality. Are the obstacles real? Are speed bumps real?

Reality also depends more on interpretation. There are no road bumps and no obstacles when you are not perceiving that reality. There is a high-energy state when and where you really start to enjoy everything so passionately that obstacles and bumps are not visible to you. This is a turbocharged state, and there are no fears. When you are in this turbocharged space you are completely in a new zone.

Same situation, but why two people do not react or respond to the same situation in a similar way? Some may react pessimistically and some may respond optimistically.

There is no lucid explanation why different people, similarly informed, will react differently and opt either for optimism or pessimism.

We generally react or respond to external events and based on that we either behave in optimism or pessimism. Both optimism and pessimism are tools and can serve us if we know how to use them. We can effectively use them when we are conscious and mindful.

The mood is a choice that will affect what we will select and what we will achieve today. Today’s consistency will become tomorrow’s massive result. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.

Optimism is that selection, which when wisely opted acts as a tool for a better day, better performance, and better emotion and time management.

Mood as universal default is a double-edged sword. Either you use it pessimistically and it will lead you to misguided energy and poor decisions. But if we can be conscious about optimism as a tactic, the focus, and energy it brings can solve problems that others will get away with.

Our pessimism might not be an accurate reproduction of something from the past. It might simply be a tool we’re using to predict the future we are not happy with.

Failure is villainized in conventional and dogmatic society. So much that it has penetrated in the understanding of daily chores.

Now, pair those with your new discovery mindset. You don’t fear failure, because there is no failure, just the chance to discover more about how to do something. Authenticity, passion, and a commitment to do and discover. That’s a phenomenal tank to roll into any battle with.

There are so many people and so many of their realities. How much do you believe in your projects, will make them successful or fail? Passion and authenticity are one and when they coincide only then can you anticipate an output. If you want to succeed in blogging(or in anything else) you can’t have one without the other.

Tiny audiences are powerful pollinator

Tiny audience the pollination effect

The world is large. Bifurcated and polarized.

Can you tell stories or write blogs for everyone? The answer is no. You will be doomed.

Mostly, people are average people. Average people have multiple perspectives. Average people have no clear interpretation of this world. Average people easily get satisfied and they hardly explore new dimensions.

When you try to write for everyone, you will appeal none.

You are a blogger and a storyteller. You must target a tiny audience. Build trust with this tiny audience. This tiny audience will spread your agenda.

All living organisms reproduce. Plants do reproduce.

According to
Flowering plants reproduce sexually through a process called pollination. The flowers contain male sex organs called stamens and female sex organs called pistils. Plants can either self-pollinate or cross-pollinate.

There are various agents that may cause pollination: wind pollination, water pollination, and insect pollination.

Many of the world’s most important crop plants are pollinated either by wind, insects, or water. Wheat, rice, corn, rye, barley, and oats are some examples. Many trees of economic importance are pollinated by wind and insects or animals.

For bloggers, their stories are like flowers. Your blogs are like small flowers if you attract the correct tiny audiences then can pollinate your blog to multiple readers.

You can compare your tiny audience to the flow of wind, water, and flying insects. They will carry your blog pollen from one point to another.

Now you have got the point. You have decided to be niche-driven and target a tiny audience. This tiny audience will pollinate your blogs to many readers.

How to write a great blog — Tell a great story

Bloggers great blog writing is telling a great story

The secret to writing a great blog is to tell a great story.

Great stories succeed because they are able to capture the imagination of a large audience.

All marketing is lying. Alluring people’s fantasy is the marketer’s key rather than telling truth or finding flaws in their reasoning. Moral police may not find this appealing, but be more critical rather than emotional.

Blogging and storytelling are subtle art. Surprisingly, the minimum detail a blogger pens down, the more powerful the story becomes.

Remember, a great marketer is not a rebel who tries to destroy the assumptions, but he just reproduces the people’s beliefs, even if that stacks upon people’s ignorance.

Intelligent marketers who understand human psychology know that it is important to allow people to draw their own conclusions rather than announcing the truth, which contradicts the reader’s deep belief system.

Great stories are also like first impressions — They happen fast. The reader forms a mental image of your blog and your offerings. The better the story the greater the first impression.

Great blogs do not always need 2000-3000 words. A blogger is either able to create a powerful first impression or fails.

Remember bloggers, the great part of blogging or any form of marketing is to tell lies about what the audience wants to hear. Do not be too critically driven to enforce your conclusions.

Great blogs are not always tuned to logic, but to senses. People mostly react rather than respond. Blogging and storytelling should be appealing to the senses rather than intelligence.

People are emotionally driven not through logic.

Pheromones are not a myth. The Internet has created a nonphysical entanglement.

Blogging is the art of creating the first impression — The online pheromones effect. People like something at first glance or they refuse in just a sniff.

Every person on this earth is a prisoner of their own interpretation based on their experience and social engineering. The great story should agree with the worldview of the reader. The great blog writers don’t teach anything new.

The best stories agree with what the readers already knew and make the reader feel smart, and secure when confirmed how right they were in their own conclusions.

Marketing is the art of lying. Marketing doesn’t invent interpretation but just enforces the old ones.

Great bloggers never write stories that contradict themselves. Customers are clever. Don’t misguide them. They can see through your deceit at once.

If your stationery shop is in the right location but doesn’t have enough inventory, you lose. If your restaurant is in the right location, but you have the wrong menu, you lose.

Great bloggers rarely aim at everyone. Target and tell your story to a selected audience. Do not target the average people.

Average people are satisfied. Average people are good at ignoring because they are less exploratory. Average people have too many polarized points of view.

Do not water your storytelling targeting average people. If you try to appeal to everyone, it will appeal to none. The most effective blogs match the world view of a small section of the audience — and then these segments of tiny audience spread the whole story.

Great bloggers write great stories and through their stories they make a promise.

The promise is of fun, of safety, of a shortcut. The promise should be appealing and that is possible when the promise is audacious and bold. The promise should be exceptional else it will not attract readers’ fantasy.

Trust is a rare resource. Great bloggers write stories that build trust. The more life a person has lived the more he loses the potential to trust others.

People trust their favorite cinema or sports stars in commercials, advertising pharmaceuticals drugs, or Vodka because they like or love those celebrities. They wouldn’t have trusted the CEO of the manufacturing company. Celebrities are the star marketers and the star storytellers.

No blogger has ever gained trust by writing stories that no one trust. Understanding the buyer’s psychology and writing a story that can develop trust.

Fun Factor: Scholars of Columbia University conducted research that concludes that the more fun a buyer has to visit your website the more likely he is going to make a transaction.

Bloggers should write stories that are built on two psychological pillars of consumer fun: Hedonic Engagement and a sense of liberation.

Furthermore, Hedonic Engagement, in turn, depends upon the perception of novelty and connectedness. The sense of liberation depends on a sense of spontaneity and the impressions of boundedness.

What bloggers can learn from the life of Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors of the early 20th Century. Edison played a role in the creation of many of the things we use today, whether it is the light bulb, alkaline batteries, sound recorder, or many other things.

In fact, even the multi-billion dollar company General Electric was started by Edison!

In this piece, I will share with you 5 lessons from Edison’s life that you can apply today and become a great blogger.

1 – Innovation is not enough to Win! You Need Market Validation.

When Edison was a young man and was thinking of making his first commercial invention, he thought of what would be some of the innovations he could bring about.

At the time, he saw that politicians arguing in the assembly houses often had to shout when casting their votes on a particular issue. He then thought it would be a great idea to create a voting machine that would let them cast their vote.

He then decided that he would create a voting machine. He spent a couple of years working on that. Finally, when the product was ready and perfected, he introduced it to the politicians.

But no one wanted to buy it.

He went to another set of politicians and then another set but he faced rejection everywhere.

Finally, he asked them why they didn’t want to buy it when it would clearly save time and energy.

They said – “Because we want to shout and argue!”

That day Edison had a huge realization. He had only focused on innovation but not on validation as to whether people even wanted what he was making. He had fallen in love with his idea and started working blindly towards it and failed as a result.

That day he told himself – “From now on, I am never going to make something that nobody wants.”

2 – You don’t have to be the first at something, to win!

Edison didn’t actually invent the light bulb, but he was the first one to make the light bulb commercially viable. Before Edison, there were many who actually got a light bulb to work, but they never could make it stay lit long enough so that it was practically usable by people.

Similarly, Google did not make the first search engine. There were many search engines before Google like Yahoo and Altavista. However, Google was the first search engine that completely solved the need of the market.

There have been electric cars for a long, but Elon Musk’s Tesla was the first company that revolutionized through its manufacturing and excellent marketing.

Conclusion: You don’t have to be the first one to create a monopoly. While writing content be relentless and be consistent, and you can dispute the top pages in the time to come.

3 – To Win, Remember Quality comes through Quantity.

Edison is primarily known for Inventing the first commercially successful Electric Bulb, the Sound Recorder, the alkaline battery, etc.

But do you know the number of patents and inventions that Edison actually had? He had 1093 patented inventions!

Edison had incorporated the process of market validation while making his inventions, but despite that not every invention was very successful commercially.

But were those inventions a waste? No. Because every time he made an invention, regardless of whether or not it was commercially successful, it made him a better inventor and it made him even more in touch with what the market actually wanted.

It took him 1093 patented inventions to get lucky a handful of times, but the times he got lucky were enough to make up for all the hard work he put in.

Blogger be relentless and keep writing. Every success and failure will help you to understand the market more closely. Analyzing the incoming traffic on your written pages will give you a clue to understanding market demands and will give more penetration to your keyword targetting.

Quality comes through quantity. Don’t wait for the perfect idea, because there is no perfect idea. There is only perfect execution and learning to execute perfectly happens as a result of working on your craft, day in and day out for years.

Keep on writing good content. There you are.

4 – To Win, Have the Mental Strength To Move On When Things Go Wrong.

In 1914, there was a huge explosion in a factory in New Jersey that Edison owned.

Many people from the fire department came to extinguish the resulting fire but nothing could be done as it was a chemical fire that was almost impossible to stop. Having tried everything that was possible, Edison just watched all his hard work go up in flames.

His son stood next to him. Then Edison told his son to get his mother and friends as they would never see such a humongous fire like that again. He told that to his son as if the fire was a spectacle to be enjoyed. Shocked by what Edison said, his son said, “Our entire factory is completely gone and you want everyone to enjoy the spectacle?”

Then Edison replied — Yes, our entire factory is being burnt down to the ground, but the good thing is that with that factory being burnt down, 20 years of my mistakes have also gone up in flames. We shall start afresh tomorrow.

This shows the unbelievable resilience of Thomas Edison. 20 years of his work had gone up in flames in that factory and yet he shifted perspective to dismiss them as 20 years of mistakes and resolved to start again the next day.

Even if there was negativity going through Edison’s mind, he did not let that affect the team and inspired them to start afresh.

Next year his company made an even greater.

At times bloggers will feel that efforts are too slow, and they will not see traffic in scale. Shut down the negative idea. Be relentless, right more content. Don’t write fluff. Write for the audience. Engage them. Put in efforts for keywords in demand.

5 – Encouragement and Self Belief Greatly Increase Your Chances Of Winning!

When Thomas Edison was a child, he came back home and brought a note with him from school. As he was dyslexic as a child, he couldn’t read it properly and asked his mother to read it. His mother looked at it and looked surprised. Edison asked what the issue was.

She said that the school had written that her son was a genius and no teacher in the school was good enough to teach him. So, there was no need for him to come to school and she could teach him herself.

His mother started teaching Edison, encouraged him when he had problems and helped him become the scientific genius he would grow up to be.

 Several decades later when Thomas Edison had become one of the biggest names of his era and his mother had passed away, he happened to be going through his old things. When he checked his old cupboard, he happened to find the letter the school had sent to his mother.

Edison opened the letter and read it.

The letter wrote – “Your child is mentally retarded and is not good enough for school. He is expelled.”

Edison was extremely moved after reading the letter and he wrote:

Thomas Edison was a mentally retarded kid whose mother’s belief and constant encouragement turned him into a GENIUS!

Even when things are not going good, the right words of encouragement and belief in people can propel them to unbelievable heights!

Here is a recap of what we learnt in this article

1)      Innovation is not enough for winning. You need market validation

2)      You don’t need to be the first to win

3)      To win, remember quality comes through quantity.

4)      To Win, Have The Mental Strength To Move On When Things Go Wrong

5)      Encouragement and Self Belief Greatly Increase Your Chances Of Winning!

I hope you have enjoyed the lessons I have shared in this article using stories from Thomas Edison’s life. If you apply these lessons in your own life or with people around you, success is sure to follow you!

Content writers, machine learning will not completely eliminate you

If all your friends jumped off a bridge would you follow them?

Machine learning algorithm: Yes.

Yet another proof that Machine Learning has achieved the level of performance observed in the average child.

It’s not about outperforming the best of us, it’s about outpacing the rest of us.

Real content writing will remain a remarkable career in the future.

Just be real, don’t act.

You will scale your and someone else’s online presence.

Content writers, you are not an astronomer but an influencer

Astronomy, unlike, any other science deals with objects that are distant, and not in our reach.

Many marketers and content writers make the same mistake they become astronomers to their business or blog.

Our biased media also make us believe that we are just passive or mute spectators and many things are not in our direct influence.

Content writers shouldn’t make the same mistake.

You have the influence.

You not only write, but you can change perspectives and lives.

Words are Powerful.

When you write realize that you can be empathic, thoughtful, relevant, insightful, and caring while creating content.

You will make a difference.

Context shouldn’t be dropped, and you can enchant your readers.

Remember, you are not an astronomer, but an influencer.

Content writers, ignore arithmetic and be a mathematician

The School system is outdated.

A school that focuses on arithmetic bores the Kids through the chores.

Arithmetic is boring, but mathematics is magic, less memorized, and more of understanding.

Contents writers can become magicians too. Create what your users will love to read.

Engage your readers. Be thoughtful when you create.

Your content should not be boring like arithmetic, but magical like mathematics.

Why Correct Compass and Consultancy from the expert is Important?

Let me begin with a story.

A supervisor of a movers and packers team is always pushing his team of people to do a lot of hard work without thinking.

In one such instance, they arrive at a building and they have to move the bed of the client to the 18th floor. Unfortunately, when they arrive, the electricity in that building is not working. The team members recommend that they wait till the electricity comes back.

But the supervisor says, “Boys! Don’t whine! Work hard! This is the chance to chance to show the client how awesome we are! We are going to take this entire bed up to the 18th floor using the stairs!”

Reluctantly, the team starts taking the heavy bed up the stairs, slowly, step by step. By the second floor, they are totally exhausted. Yet the supervisor keeps pushing them to lift the bed up and take it up floor by floor. After almost 2 hours of massive physical effort, they still haven’t reached the 18th floor and the electricity still doesn’t come back.

Finally, the supervisor’s phone rings. The person on the other end is the client who is screaming at him for not having arrived. The supervisor tries to reason with him and tells him he trying his best to bring the bed up the building and is just about to reach. But the client is mad and finally tells something to the supervisor that shocks him!

The client hangs up the phone and the supervisor still looks shocked. The team wonders what happened.

The supervisor says – “Boys, I have good news and bad news.”

Team Member – “What’s the good news?”

Supervisor – “We were supposed to go 18 floors, we have reached the 16th floor.”

Team Member – “Awesome! But what’s the bad news?”

Supervisor – “We are in the Wrong Building!”

Not doing ANY Research WILL Hurt Your Business! Because hard work WITHOUT knowing the right Direction will give you ZERO results.

Learning is important because it teaches you the right direction!

If you were to go on a road trip from your city to some unknown city hundreds of kilometers away, what would you do?

Would you do trial and error? Would you take every single road one by one, fail to reach your destination, return back and then attempt this over and over again until you reach your destination?

It would take you weeks if not months if you tried to reach your destination this way! Also, you would waste all your life savings on petrol/diesel!

What would you really do? You would use Google Maps or use your Car’s GPS to find out the best and shortest way to reach your destination. In the years before technology, you would use a paper map to find the right road and then make course corrections by asking people along the way, what the right direction was!

This is what LEARNING is! We know that using Google Maps or asking certain people about the direction to someplace makes you get there ten times faster.

Similarly learning from mentors, coaches, or reading relevant books will help you achieve your career goals TEN TIMES FASTER!

If you don’t learn or work without knowledge, forget about success because no matter how hard you work, you will always end up in the wrong building!!

Even if you manage to get some success through years of trial and error, you will realize that by the time you finally make some progress, it will already be time for you to RETIRE!

But if you decide today that you will allow a certain percentage of time to learn from people you look up to in the company and the industry or learning from coaches or reading the right books (Nonfiction skill development books, not fictional books like Harry Potter!), you will quickly arrive on the Success Expressway which will get you to your destination way faster than anyone else!

Massive Success is really that simple!

Reset WordPress password manually

It is tough when you are locked and facing password issues, and can’t handle password change through the WordPress front end.

Moving forward. WordPress is PHP and database, we can make changes through the database dashboard.


A database is a cupboard, and all the information that your websites deal with in terms of files URL, images URL, content, username, and passwords is stored there. Imagine you are opening the database cupboard, and make necessary changes such as insertion, deletion, and updation.

At the time when I have written this article, my website is hosted on I am reproducing certain snapshots, which are connected to the causality of theirs event. In case you find any disagreements do not hesitate to write in comments. We will try to help you restore the password.

Step 1. Login to your CPanel, and find phpMyAdmin.

Step 2. Once you click on phpMyAdmin you will, after few seconds, see this or a similar web page. Once you see this page, kindly select your database where you want to make changes. If you are not sure, which is your database then this link will help you identify which database is yours.

Step 3. Once you select the database, you will see a screen like this as shown in the image below. You have to find wp_users. wp_ is a prefix, which is used by default by WordPress installation, in your case, it can be different based on your own selection at the time of installation or your hosting company policy. Now click on wp_users.

Step 4. Once you have clicked on wp_users or your version of the database users table you will see this screen. Now click on “Edit”.

Step 5. The password change process can be best described through a series of animations. We have done an animated course of actions so that you can grasp the transition easily.

Ensure once you have selected the new password you have also chosen the MD5 from the dropdown.