Are shortcodes still relevant in WordPress after the gutenberg?

The relevance of shortcodes in the age of Gutenberg cannot be denied. While the new editor provides a fresh and modern approach to content creation, shortcodes still hold a place of great significance in the world of WordPress.

Firstly, shortcodes are vital for ensuring compatibility with legacy content. As a widely used tool by WordPress users prior to the introduction of Gutenberg, it is imperative that shortcodes continue to function seamlessly in the new editor.

Secondly, shortcodes offer unparalleled flexibility and functionality, allowing developers and users to easily incorporate complex features such as video embedding, form creation, and galleries. This practicality remains relevant and highly valuable for modern WordPress websites.

Thirdly, shortcodes are incredibly user-friendly, allowing individuals without programming experience to add advanced functionality to their websites with ease. This accessibility empowers users to enhance their websites with sophisticated features, without needing to acquire extensive coding knowledge.

Finally, the compatibility of shortcodes with plugins remains a crucial factor. Countless WordPress plugins rely on shortcodes to deliver their functionality, and these plugins are still prevalent and provide critical functionality to WordPress websites.

$wp_customize->add_control( new WP_Customize_Control( $wp_customize, 'show_sutta', array(
  'label'    => __( 'Show Sutta', 'yourtheme' ),
  'section'  => 'sutta_section',
  'settings' => 'show_sutta',
  'type'     => 'checkbox',
  'input_attrs' => array(
    'class' => 'tgl tgl-light',
    'id' => 'cb1',
  'label_class' => 'tgl-btn',

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