Bloggers don’t be afraid of public opinion

Caution: This post is more about the motivation for everyone and all spheres of life.

The other day one of my clients emailed me for advice. She was thinking about expanding her business into new territory but was terrified of what people might think.

I get it, sometimes the internet is really loud.

So I passed on some advice that was given to me and that I’ll share with you.

What other people think about you is none of your business.

Yup, it’s their business, not yours. The thing that matters most is what you think about yourself. What you think about your dreams, about who you love, how you live, how you contribute to the world.

That’s what matters — your opinion of you not the public opinion.

We’ve all experienced the fear of putting ourselves out there.

That naggy inner voice that makes us feel insecure about standing out or doing things differently? Well, sometimes we can trace that voice back to mean shit other folks have said to us (or about us).

Other times we’re telling negative stories about ourselves that feel so damn real that we don’t know the difference.

Real talk: if you let fear of judgment hold you back, you’re robbing yourself and others.

The more you rely on outside permission and validation, the less likely you’ll be to go your own way, share your unique gifts, or even rise up to challenge injustice.

Sure, feedback can be useful. I’m grateful for the times my best friend (and even my mother) have encouraged me to take a step back and look at things differently. But not everyone has our best interests in mind — even when they think they do.

That’s why discernment is so important. We’ve gotta sift through the feedback and decide what’s valuable and what’s the other person’s baggage.

Folks who like to flex their nasty are often acting out from their own wounds. Have compassion for them, but don’t let their drama dull your sparkle, my friend.

Remember, their feelings aren’t your facts. Keep doing your best and making your magic.

All my love (and fire).

Keep rising. Keep blogging. Motion forward.

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