The most powerful paradoxes for bloggers

The Persuasion Paradox

Social media is a miracle. It has given the power to everyone to send their feedback, opinion, and emotion with a push of a button. People argue in real life and in virtual life. Have you ever noticed that people who argue never persuade anyone?

The art of persuasion lies in listening, being patient, putting your perspective, and being silent. Persuasion is an art that requires a craft not a sledgehammer.

The Effort Paradox

Simple was s complex before it became so simple. What seems effortless today, had a series of tiring efforts sown in the past. The Midas touch effortless performance today is often the result of the volume of efforts, and gritty perseverance in the past.

Small things become big things. Simple is not so simple.

The Growth Paradox

Growth will take so much time to come, but suddenly after some time, you realize that growth has come so fast now.

Paradox: Growth happens slowly initially, but then booms.

Bloggers growth is exponential, not linear

The Productivity Paradox

Bloggers have you heard of Parkinson’s Law, which is the old adage that work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion. A home can be cleaned in one day and also in one month. When you assume certain hours for a certain task, you find unproductive ways to fill them.

Bloggers should work like a lion. Sprint, rest, and repeat.

The Shrinking Paradox

Bloggers elastic potential energy

When spring shrinks, it stores potential energy that can be utilized later. Bloggers must shrink sometimes to store potential energy.

Relax, take a rest. Ponder. Find a great topic and then write a great article. Great blogging is telling a great story.

The Constant Change Paradox

“When you are finished changing, you are finished.” — Benjamin Franklin

Entropy is a reality. The only constant in life is a change. You stop changing. You are dead. Bloggers should keep on innovating their story telling methods else they will be doomed in the absence of the novelty and innovation.

The Fear Paradox

The only thing to fear is the fear itself that’s the adage. Fear has it purpose as it save us from incoming danger, but many times danger are not real, but hypothetical.

Hypothetical danger should not deter us. Fears are constant reminders that we have to face them.

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