Why Correct Compass and Consultancy from the expert is Important?

Let me begin with a story.

A supervisor of a movers and packers team is always pushing his team of people to do a lot of hard work without thinking.

In one such instance, they arrive at a building and they have to move the bed of the client to the 18th floor. Unfortunately, when they arrive, the electricity in that building is not working. The team members recommend that they wait till the electricity comes back.

But the supervisor says, “Boys! Don’t whine! Work hard! This is the chance to chance to show the client how awesome we are! We are going to take this entire bed up to the 18th floor using the stairs!”

Reluctantly, the team starts taking the heavy bed up the stairs, slowly, step by step. By the second floor, they are totally exhausted. Yet the supervisor keeps pushing them to lift the bed up and take it up floor by floor. After almost 2 hours of massive physical effort, they still haven’t reached the 18th floor and the electricity still doesn’t come back.

Finally, the supervisor’s phone rings. The person on the other end is the client who is screaming at him for not having arrived. The supervisor tries to reason with him and tells him he trying his best to bring the bed up the building and is just about to reach. But the client is mad and finally tells something to the supervisor that shocks him!

The client hangs up the phone and the supervisor still looks shocked. The team wonders what happened.

The supervisor says – “Boys, I have good news and bad news.”

Team Member – “What’s the good news?”

Supervisor – “We were supposed to go 18 floors, we have reached the 16th floor.”

Team Member – “Awesome! But what’s the bad news?”

Supervisor – “We are in the Wrong Building!”

Not doing ANY Research WILL Hurt Your Business! Because hard work WITHOUT knowing the right Direction will give you ZERO results.

Learning is important because it teaches you the right direction!

If you were to go on a road trip from your city to some unknown city hundreds of kilometers away, what would you do?

Would you do trial and error? Would you take every single road one by one, fail to reach your destination, return back and then attempt this over and over again until you reach your destination?

It would take you weeks if not months if you tried to reach your destination this way! Also, you would waste all your life savings on petrol/diesel!

What would you really do? You would use Google Maps or use your Car’s GPS to find out the best and shortest way to reach your destination. In the years before technology, you would use a paper map to find the right road and then make course corrections by asking people along the way, what the right direction was!

This is what LEARNING is! We know that using Google Maps or asking certain people about the direction to someplace makes you get there ten times faster.

Similarly learning from mentors, coaches, or reading relevant books will help you achieve your career goals TEN TIMES FASTER!

If you don’t learn or work without knowledge, forget about success because no matter how hard you work, you will always end up in the wrong building!!

Even if you manage to get some success through years of trial and error, you will realize that by the time you finally make some progress, it will already be time for you to RETIRE!

But if you decide today that you will allow a certain percentage of time to learn from people you look up to in the company and the industry or learning from coaches or reading the right books (Nonfiction skill development books, not fictional books like Harry Potter!), you will quickly arrive on the Success Expressway which will get you to your destination way faster than anyone else!

Massive Success is really that simple!

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