10 Benchmarks of a succeful blog post

Embarking on the journey of launching a blog for the inaugural time is a truly exhilarating yet daunting endeavor. The contemplation that individuals will genuinely peruse – and perhaps even disseminate – the content one has crafted imparts a sensation unlike any other, defying description.

However, this endeavor is not a mere tapestry of idyllic hues and gentle insects. The commencement of a blog demands assiduous effort, fraught with myriad challenges, particularly for those in the nascent stages of this pursuit.

Such challenges are so pervasive that we have meticulously compiled a tutorial, an exhaustive compendium enumerating 45 invaluable insights we fervently wish we had possessed prior to embarking on our inaugural blogging ventures. This compendium serves as a beacon, steering aspiring bloggers away from potential pitfalls, thereby sparing them the tribulations of committing similar missteps.

The art of commencing a blog in the most judicious manner possible is the focal point of our discourse. Now, you might be pondering, who exactly constitute this collective “we”? This post is a collaborative effort, an amalgamation of insights contributed by three adept bloggers who have generously shared their sagacious counsel on the nuances of blog initiation. Not merely confined to the rudiments of commencement, our shared wisdom extends to the realm of cultivating a triumphant blog, one that not only resonates but also accrues financial prosperity. 🤑

So, summon a cup of coffee, settle into a comfortable niche, for we are poised to meticulously scrutinize the wealth of knowledge gleaned from our collective 8+ years of experience. Revel in the journey that unfolds before you!

Engaging and Keyword Rich Title

Crafting a compelling and keyword-rich title stands as a pivotal element in content creation. The significance of this cannot be overstated, for a title not only serves to captivate the audience’s attention but also plays a crucial role in optimizing search engine visibility. Thus, it becomes imperative to infuse the chosen keyword phrase seamlessly into the title, aligning with established SEO principles elucidated in my prior discourse on the subject.

While this task may appear formidable, it is, in essence, more manageable than one might surmise. I posit that the linchpin to a stellar title lies in the conception of a noteworthy idea. Delve into the pulse of your audience’s desires—what sparks their genuine interest? Identify the keywords and topics that resonate most profoundly with them. Additionally, discern the inquiries and demands they articulate, thereby gaining insights into the content that would truly captivate them.

By orienting your focus towards your audience and creating content that resonates with their preferences, the process of fashioning an engaging title becomes a straightforward endeavor. Simplicity, in this context, is paramount. A title need not employ intricate language or resort to clickbait tactics when the underlying topic is inherently compelling. The intrinsic appeal of your subject matter obviates the need for ostentatious embellishments, as your audience is already predisposed to be invested.

Furthermore, it is imperative to ensure that the title seamlessly integrates the identified keyword or keywords. This dual functionality, marrying engagement with strategic keyword placement, serves not only to capture attention but also to enhance the discoverability of the content within the vast expanse of online search queries. In adhering to these principles, the process of title creation transforms from an onerous task to a harmonious fusion of audience-centric resonance and SEO efficacy.

Attentive first paragraph

Crafting an inaugural paragraph that seamlessly amalgamates elegance and substance is an art form. This initial segment serves as an overture, resounding with the resonance of the chosen keyword phrase, reminiscent of the composition’s title—’essential elements of a successful blog post.’ In succinct prose, it provides a bird’s-eye view of the impending discourse, allowing perusers to swiftly discern whether the content aligns with their interests. A deftly woven hook addresses the paramount query lingering in the reader’s mind: ‘What’s in it for me?’ The discerning audience is beckoned with the promise of unearthing the alchemy behind creating a blog post not only adored by their audience but also poised for ascendancy in the labyrinth of search engine algorithms—a compelling enticement indeed.

Moreover, in an astute endeavor to streamline efforts without compromising finesse, an auxiliary aspiration is to mold this preamble into a format seamlessly transposable across diverse social media platforms. This strategic adaptation not only eases the burden of content dissemination but also ensures that the essence and efficacy of the message remain unscathed. This adaptive approach affords a judicious balance, providing a ready-made snippet for expeditious sharing on the virtual tapestry of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. While acknowledging imperfections inherent in haste, this versatile opening paragraph stands as a testament to the fusion of sophistication and expediency in the realm of elite blogging.

Crafting Content that captivates Audience

The linchpin of an impeccable blog post lies in its resonance with your readership. Be unfailingly attuned to their desires when you embark upon the art of composition. Ponder: What aspirations propel them toward your prose? Do they crave an exhaustive chronicle of your existence, an inundation of capricious verbiage, or an intricate exposition tailored to their discerning tastes? The answer may well hinge on the idiosyncrasies of your audience—those individuals whose inclinations you alone comprehend. Familiarize yourself with their predilections.

Moreover, consider the temporal dimensions of your discourse. What configuration of blog post garners the ardor of your readers? Do they gravitate towards succinct and lucid articulations, or do they revel in the profound depths of more extensive exegesis?

If uncertainty shrouds the preferences of your audience, peruse the annals of your blog’s success—scrutinize the entries basking in the radiance of both voluminous views and prolific shares. Dally, too, in the comments section, discerning the posts that catalyze the most fervent discussions. Unearth the common threads interwoven through these triumphs.

For neophyte wordsmiths, a venture into diverse stylistic territories may be illuminating. Probe and ascertain which thematic strains resonate most profoundly with your readership. Alternatively, peruse the oeuvre of kindred bloggers within your niche, parsing the cadences that echo through their virtuoso compositions.

In conclusion, integrate your chosen keywords judiciously throughout your opus. Yet, let the seamless flow of language be your guiding principle. Embellish your lexicon with an array of additional keywords—just as this treatise employs the term ‘essential elements of a successful blog post,’ it also embraces phrases such as ‘how to write a blog post,’ ‘key to a successful blog post,’ and ‘optimize your blog post for SEO.’

Utilizing Sub-Headings elevates Your Blogging Craft with Elegance

In the realm of refined blogging, the judicious use of sub-headings emerges as a paramount practice, holding profound significance for both your discerning audience and the discerning algorithms of search engines. Imbuing at least one heading with strategic placement of your keywords is an imperative strategy, ensuring the seamless optimization of your blog post for search engine rankings.

The integration of sub-headings into your narrative serves as an elegant beacon for your readers, enhancing the overall readability of your blog. This sophisticated approach involves the artful segmentation of your text into easily digestible portions, affording readers a sense of intellectual reprieve. Beyond this, sub-headings offer a quick glimpse into the thematic essence of your blog post, enabling readers to discern its content effortlessly and navigate to their points of interest with refined precision.

Consider this exposition, for instance. One could venture a wager that you perused familiar facets of the discourse, leveraging the sub-headings as your guide through the narrative. However, upon encountering a sub-heading delving into uncharted topics, the inclination to delve deeper into the intricacies of that section likely captured your intellectual curiosity.

A blog post crafted with enhanced readability, thus bestowing a superior ‘user experience’ upon your readers, coupled with an astute incorporation of relevant keywords in the headings, effortlessly ascends the echelons of search engine rankings. In essence, it manifests as a symbiotic triumph for both content creator and audience alike – a truly gratifying win-win scenario. 😊

Exquisite Visuals

A pivotal component contributing to the triumph of a well-crafted blog post lies in the incorporation of captivating images. Ensure that your content is adorned with a curated array of photographs or graphics, particularly if your blog revolves around culinary delights, artisanal crafts, do-it-yourself endeavors, or any niche where visuals can eloquently convey messages that words may fall short of expressing.

Images serve as an invaluable aid in facilitating your audience’s comprehension of your narrative, while also providing a respite for the eyes amidst the textual landscape, enhancing the overall readability of your content.

In cases where your chosen subject matter may not readily lend itself to traditional photography, consider incorporating an informative infographic or a judiciously selected screen grab. Platforms such as Canva or PicMonkey offer expeditious means to fashion sophisticated graphics that seamlessly integrate with your narrative.

Moreover, ensure that your visual assets are meticulously optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) by endowing them with pertinent alt descriptions. These descriptions serve a dual purpose: elucidating the image’s contents for individuals with visual impairments and furnishing search engines with a succinct understanding of the image’s relevance. Crafting a judicious alt description, enriched with your focal keyword phrase, not only enhances accessibility but also augments the likelihood of your images ranking prominently in searches.

However, exercise restraint. Refrain from inundating your blog post with an excessive profusion of images that could potentially render it tedious or impede the swiftness of your website—an unfavorable scenario for both SEO and the satisfaction of your discerning readers.

These guidelines encapsulate the quintessential elements that coalesce to forge a triumphant blog post.

Atleast one Pin Worthy Image

Guarantee the inclusion of at least one visually captivating image optimized for Pinterest dimensions—preferably in a vertical format, ideally measuring 600 by 900 pixels and adorned with pertinent text. By incorporating such an image, both you and your audience enhance the likelihood of its success on Pinterest, subsequently elevating your page views.

Taking a proactive approach, I recommend directly encouraging your audience to pin the image with a phrase along the lines of, “Pin these 10 essential elements of a successful blog post for later.” This not only significantly increases the chances of your image being pinned but also seamlessly integrates your targeted keyword phrase into a headline, as discussed above in further detail.

A clear Call to Action

Refrain from merely penning a blog post and considering your work complete. What you must ponder is: what course of action do you wish your discerning audience to embark upon next? Present them with at least one refined suggestion, an elegant directive that serves as a beacon for their subsequent steps. It may encompass exploring related posts or perusing specific categories. Alternatively, it could involve the cultivation of a connection through newsletter subscription or social media followings. Equally, it might extend to the gratification of their intellectual curiosity through the download of a meticulously crafted worksheet. Or, perhaps, a gracious invitation to articulate their thoughts via comments. Never presume compliance; instead, artfully advocate for it!

Articulating a crystalline call to action not only retains the audience within the sanctum of your site, social media domains, or newsletter enclave but also amplifies engagement and augments pageviews. This, in turn, stands as a testament to its profound impact on SEO!

Embark on the exploration of the 10 quintessential components underpinning a meticulously crafted blog post – seize the opportunity to procure the downloadable checklist.

Internal & External Links both matters

Perish the thought of crafting a blog post bereft of internal links; it is an egregious oversight and a colossal squandering of opportunity! Contemplate this: with a mere click on a link within your blog post, readers have the potential to peruse another entry, thereby doubling your page views.

Exercise judiciousness, however, in integrating these links seamlessly and organically. Ideally, internal links should connect to additional information on the same subject, providing a deeper exploration of a concept or offering supplementary insights. Consider directing your audience to category pages associated with the topic or guiding them toward a subsequent post delineating actionable steps.

Caution is warranted against an excess of hyperlinks, which may confound and vex your readers. Opt for a natural and restrained approach. Place yourself empathetically in the shoes of your readers: What would I desire to delve into next? What additional information might pique my interest?

An exemplary illustration of this practice is elucidated in the initial point of this blog post, where a link directs readers to a comprehensive discourse on keywords. Acknowledging that a fundamental comprehension of SEO and keywords is essential for optimal engagement with the present post, I provide a gateway to foundational information right at the outset.

There are instances, however, where the judicious inclusion of external links is warranted. This may be occasioned by a wealth of information on another site pertaining to the subject at hand, or a desire to transparently showcase the sources of gathered information. External links can also serve to guide readers to the acquisition of products referenced in your post, thereby enhancing the overall utility of your content. By incorporating relevant external links, you not only augment the helpfulness of your post but also bolster its credibility and authority – a facet appreciated by both discerning readers and search engines alike!

Visible Share Button

Elevate the accessibility of sharing your blog content to a zenith. It is imperative that not only do your readers find delight and engagement in your posts, but that they are also prompted to disseminate them amongst their social circles. This not only broadens your audience and augments page views but also contributes to the augmentation of your social media followers.

Primarily, ascertain the incorporation of sharing buttons. Subsequently, ensure their alignment with your strategic objectives—determine the preferred platforms for your audience to share your content. Eschew the proliferation of superfluous sharing options; focus on a select few. Furthermore, rigorous testing of these buttons is essential to guarantee seamless functionality. Lastly, emphasize their visibility, whether positioned on the side, top, and bottom of the page, or opt for floating buttons that perpetually remind your audience to share—albeit with subtlety to avert potential reader disengagement.

Consider integrating a call to action, subtly imploring readers to share your content with a phrase such as ‘Enjoyed what you’ve perused? Kindly share it with your peers!’

Various plugins cater to the enhancement of sharing functionalities, but my personal recommendations include Social Warfare* (employed on Productive Blogging) and Grow Social (implemented on Easy Peasy Foodie). Both boast user-friendly free versions and premium iterations offering additional features at excellent value.

Live Comment Section

In the contemporary realm of social media dominance, eliciting thoughtful commentary on your blog posts can prove to be a challenging endeavor. Yet, with the crafting of compelling content and adept promotion, a responsive readership can be cultivated. An effective strategy to prompt engagement is the artful deployment of inquiries. In the context of this discourse, one might pose the following contemplation:

“Have I, in earnest, encapsulated every facet requisite for a triumphant blog post? I am open to your insights – what elements would you introduce to augment this discourse?”

This strategy instantaneously furnishes a catalyst for responses, granting readers both the liberty to disagree or proffer omitted aspects. Consequently, it ensures that ensuing comments transcend mere platitudes, offering a richer tapestry for subsequent engagement. It is not to say that expressions of praise, such as “great post,” are unwelcome; on the contrary, they are embraced with gratitude.

Furthermore, it is imperative to emphasize the importance of reciprocation when met with reader commentary. A courteous and timely response, even if succinct, bears immense significance. Whether it be an acknowledgment akin to “Thanks, John – your perspective is truly appreciated” or an elaborate rejoinder, this practice fosters a sense of reciprocity. Indeed, the audience craves interaction, a desire that can only be satiated through the active participation of the author. Hence, an affable and informative tone in responses not only encourages continued commentary but also establishes a foundation of trust and camaraderie among readers.

“Would you concur with my sentiments? Have I inadvertently overlooked any crucial aspects? I invite your esteemed insights and contributions in the comments section.”

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