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14 Ways to Get More Mileage from Your Content — Content repurposing

Many entrepreneurs I talk to about social media marketing or blogging quickly get overwhelmed at the thought of ‘creating all that content!’.

Their minds are quickly put to rest when I explain content repurposing and its benefits. If you’ve been in business for more than a few weeks, chances are good that you have a ton of content already created.

Not only that, but you probably have even more content that’s partially done. So instead of creating new content, look at ways you can repurpose what you already have.

Get more form the 3 R’s — Rewriting, Reformatting, and Recombining

Rewriting means taking a piece of content you created and simply rewording it so that it’s original. Add new information and do some editing as you rewrite. You can update your old articles by adding up-to-date information. Also, instead of rewriting a piece line-by-line, you can reorganize it.

Recombining means taking two or more different pieces of content and putting them together into one. You can do this and still produce a piece of content that’s focused and simple. For example, if you have three articles on work/life balance, you can create one article that’s something like, “3 Ways to Achieve Work/Life Balance Now.”

Along with recombining, you can also take an article apart and create multiple articles from its sections. If you have an article that teaches 10 tips for doing something, you can turn each of those tips into standalone articles. It’s all a matter of adding or removing details.

Reformatting means to take a piece of content that’s in one format and turn it into a piece of content in another format. For example, you can take an article and use it as a video script.

14 ways to reformat include:

  • Record live events and have them transcribed to create tons of written content that can be used in your newsletter, blog posts, or for downloads.
  • Using content to create the outline for a webinar
  • Use key ideas to create a video. This can be particularly effective if you have a report, eBook, or online learning program. You can simplify the information and use the video to motivate purchases.
  • Bundling old blog posts for your email marketing or “best of” round-up posts
  • Turning blog posts, infographics or PDFs into slides
  • Combine short from relevant content to create a live event, eBook, or online learning program. You’ve probably already published enough information to create a fuller product. Blog posts can be pulled together to create a report. Reports could be compiled to create an eBook or a downloadable course.
  • Creating a Pinterest board for your blog posts
  • Taking facts or statistics from your articles and turn them into tweets
  • Taking bits of content to use for a daily or weekly tip newsletter
  • Turning content into a script or talking points for a podcast
  • Summarizing the main points of a piece of content and make them into an infographic
  • Pull key ideas from your longer content to create social media content.
  • Pull key ideas from your content to create motivational graphics. Do you have a tip or quote that you can place over a relevant image? You can then share the graphic on your blog and on social media sites.
  • Keep your blog posts effortlessly bringing your target audience from your social media platforms to your website for an entire year with .

You can essentially turn any type of content into any other type of content. Take old content that you have which is still relevant and useful for your audience, and see how many other formats you can transform it into.

Stop laboring over your content marketing and start squeezing more out of every piece of content you create!

It’s time to learn how to squeeze every drop of goodness out of all the amazing content you create and quit letting all your hard work go to waste!

So, if you want to:

  • Save time on content creation (so you have more time to spend with clients-or your family!)
  • Get leads and make more money from the same piece of content over and over again (This is a real thing-and I can show you how to do it!)
  • Win more customers with less work!
  • Work content repurposing into your current marketing plan in fun, creative ways

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