4 Points to raise Instagram account

In the pursuit of augmenting one’s follower count on Instagram, one must dispense with the notion of definitive “growth hacks.” Nevertheless, an array of strategic measures can be employed to cultivate organic growth on this social media platform.


Outlined below are 13 sequential steps, meticulously recommended for fostering organic expansion on Instagram. It is paramount, especially for neophytes in the realm of Instagram business or content creation, to initially fortify the foundations of their Instagram presence. Consequently, the initial tactics elucidated herein address rudimentary aspects and hold particular relevance for nascent creators or businesses.

Even for those well-versed in the intricacies of Instagram, a prudent reassessment of foundational elements is advised before progressing further. Fear not, as this guide caters comprehensively to individuals of intermediate and advanced proficiency, offering valuable insights for all.

Now, let us delve into each of these steps with discerning precision.

01. Do not buy fake followers

Eschew the acquisition of counterfeit followers as one would shun the plague. In the alluring realm of cyberspace, one may encounter offers of 1,000 Instagram adherents for the modest sum of $12.99 (indeed, these figures are not fabricated). The temptation to swiftly amass a multitude of followers may be enticing, yet the ramifications of succumbing to this allure are decidedly deleterious.

Instagram, in its zealous pursuit of integrity, actively discourages and purges accounts implicated in duplicitous activities. The purported followers, alas, are mere automatons, bereft of authentic human essence—they neither engage with your account in a genuine manner nor metamorphose into discerning customers.

The erosion of your credibility is an inevitable consequence, as the trust of your audience dwindles precipitously, leading them to promptly sever their virtual ties with you. Equally futile is the pursuit of engagement through the procurement of views, comments, or partaking in engagement pods; these endeavors prove to be barren in fostering genuine growth for your Instagram account. It is not a mere numerical following that one should seek, but rather the cultivation of a meaningful community.

02. Inscribe Strategic Keywords into Your Username and Designation

The Instagram algorithm places precedence on search outcomes that encompass keywords integrated into the username and name fields.

Your username, synonymous with your Instagram handle (the @name associated with your profile), should align with your company’s nomenclature. Consistency across various social platforms ensures instantaneous recognition.

Meanwhile, your name serves as your company’s nomenclature or any other designation of your choosing. Elevate its visibility by incorporating pertinent keywords. For instance, the renowned skincare brand, Ursa Major, strategically includes “skincare” in its Instagram name to facilitate effortless discovery by individuals searching for skincare-related brands and solutions.

Mastering the Art of Instagram Follower Acquisition

Employing a relevant keyword in these fields presents an invaluable opportunity to succinctly convey your identity and offerings to potential patrons with just a cursory glance. After all, these elements constitute the initial impression a visitor encounters upon landing on your profile.

03. Optimize Your Instagram Bio to Elite Standards

Crafting the quintessential Instagram bio is an art that hinges on mastering four crucial elements:

  1. Concise Description:
    Enlighten your audience with a succinct depiction of your profession or the products you offer. The narrative should be a beacon of clarity, elucidating your essence effortlessly.
  2. Brand Aura:
    Infuse your bio with a stroke of your brand’s distinctive personality. Let it resonate with a unique character that sets you apart, making an indelible mark on the discerning minds of your potential followers.
  3. Compelling Call to Action:
    Employ a crystal-clear call to action that not only beckons your audience but also delineates what you proffer and how you stand out from the crowd. A prime example of this artistry is evident in the Instagram bio of Odd Giraffe, a bespoke stationery brand.
  4. Strategic Link Inclusion:
    Given the brevity of your Instagram bio at a mere 150 characters, the inclusion of a link becomes paramount. This link is your gateway to redirect your audience to an external page. It may feature your company’s website or dynamically change based on your latest posts.

Pro-tip: Unearth the efficacy of your calls to action by tracking the click-through rates on Instagram. The pursuit of crafting the impeccable Instagram bio for your business entails experimenting with various iterations to discern what resonates most with your prospective followers.

The link in your bio is not merely a formality; it is an opportunity to guide your audience to an external realm. Consider incorporating tools such as Buffer’s Start Page to amalgamate all your URLs into a singular, streamlined experience. Witness the artistry of photographer Ryan Johnson, who masterfully leverages this tool to consolidate his varied links into a cohesive narrative.

Moreover, the customization potential of the Start Page is limitless, allowing you to align it seamlessly with your brand aesthetics while offering insights into the performance of each link. In this realm of digital finesse, your Instagram bio becomes a canvas, where each stroke and detail contributes to the masterpiece that is your online presence.

04. Effortlessly Elevate Your Instagram Presence with Strategic Cross-Promotion

In the realm of digital prominence, seamlessly redirecting potential patrons towards your Instagram profile stands as a refined tactic, effortlessly rendering your presence more discernible and rapidly augmenting your follower base.

Take, for instance, the discerning approach at Buffer, where we tastefully embed our Instagram link within the refined tapestry of our website’s footer.

Save your audience from the inconvenience of scouring manually for your Instagram handle when they are already devoted followers on alternative platforms. Immerse your Instagram link judiciously in various touchpoints, such as:

  1. Product Packaging: Infuse your Instagram identity into the very fabric of your product packaging, creating an organic connection between the tangible and the virtual.
  2. Blogs (when pertinent): Integrate your Instagram insignia seamlessly into your blogs, strategically positioned for relevance and engagement.
  3. Marketing and Transactional Emails: Grace the digital communication with your Instagram allure, enriching your correspondence with an additional layer of visual engagement.
  4. Website’s Footer and/or Sidebar: Enshrine your Instagram essence within the architectural elegance of your website, whether in the understated refinement of the footer or the sleek sophistication of the sidebar.
  5. Social Media Posts from Team Members: Foster a collective presence by weaving your Instagram thread into the social fabric of your team members’ posts, creating a unified digital tapestry.
  6. Email Signatures (Yours and Your Employees’): Sign off emails with a discreet flourish, incorporating your Instagram link into email signatures to subtly beckon further exploration.
  7. Bios on Other Social Media Platforms: Extend the symphony of your social presence by intertwining your Instagram link within bios across platforms like TikTok and YouTube.
  8. Networking Events and Webinars: Illuminate your digital path at live events by leveraging your profile’s Instagram QR code, infusing a touch of modernity into in-person engagements.

Remember, the subtlety of your Instagram link need not be ostentatious. A modest Instagram icon or the efficiency of a QR code suffices for most settings, resonating with the discerning sensibilities of your audience. Elevate your cross-promotional strategy, aligning every touchpoint with the grace and finesse befitting a sophisticated digital presence.

05. Best time to post

Discovering the optimal moments to share your Instagram content involves an artful understanding of your audience’s online presence. Unlike a universal golden hour, the key lies in discerning when your specific followers are most active. In pursuit of this knowledge, Instagram graciously provides a tool: Insights. To unlock this treasure trove of data, embark on a refined journey through four simple steps:

  1. Begin by navigating to your Instagram profile within the app, and delicately tap on the discreet hamburger menu—those three horizontal lines adorning the pinnacle of your screen.
  2. Within this culinary-inspired menu, discover the ‘Insights’ option, a veritable feast for those seeking temporal enlightenment.
  3. Select ‘Total followers’ to embark on a visual voyage through your followers’ ebb and flow.
  4. Descend to the depths of this digital ocean and unearth the ‘Most active times.’ Here, you possess the power to toggle between hours for each day of the week or focus your gaze upon specific days.

For those with a penchant for elevating their endeavors, the illustrious Buffer analytics await. This sophisticated tool not only unravels the optimal posting times but also delves into the realms of preferred post types and an ideal posting frequency. By assimilating data gleaned from past posts and your followers’ activities, Buffer bequeaths a comprehensible mosaic of insights.

However, temporal discernment should not exist in isolation. Enrich your strategy by contemplating the logical relevance of your content. Picture this: a meticulous step-by-step video recipe, a culinary masterpiece waiting to unfold. Such a gem is destined for the limelight post-working hours when aspiring chefs venture into their kitchens. Conversely, envision a charming coffee shop post, its allure potent during the 2 p.m. afternoon slump, an interlude begging for a delightful caffeine infusion.

In your quest for digital resonance, let experimentation be your guiding star. Revel in the thrill of posting at different times, observing keenly when your content garners the utmost reach and engagement.

Having graduated from the foundational principles, we now ascend to the intermediate echelons. Yet, heed this counsel: master steps 1 through 5 before embarking on the remaining pearls of wisdom. Let this refined approach be your beacon in the ever-evolving landscape of Instagram prowess.

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