Bloggers — efforts and quality are not the same

According to the American society for quality → Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy given needs.

Quality could also be seen as consistency in meeting certain specifications. A measure of promise, which is delivered.

The effort is when we have to work against the monotony of the ordinary.

Climbing hill, for example, which is opposite of coasting.

Coasting is when you are free-flowing in the direction of acceleration.

Falling in gravity. Cycling downhill, for example.

We are taught that efforts equal quality. If you try harder you will simply deliver quality.

If we look at the successful and failed organizations or individuals with a reputation for quality we find that efforts are not always sustainable and neither do they account for quality.

Have you seen the laborers in the underdeveloped nations who work so hard? They invest in efforts.

If you are focussing solely on efforts, the quality problems will persist.

Persistent quality problems are the system issue. Unless you design a good blogging system, you are not going to improve.

The question is how?

I will try to answer in another post.

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