Bloggers and content strategists — no one knows everything

I received an email from one of our clients and she got depressed because someone demotivated her that content marketing is time-consuming and may not be realistic without investors.

I want to tell you that through blogging and excellent content strategy you can scale your website traffic from zero to thousands of visitors per day, in a very short span of time.

You don’t need investors’ money to hire niche bloggers for content creation. You can accomplish it yourself.

Content creation is that tool that can win the sprint and the marathon with the one-man army.

No one knows everything. No one knows precisely what will happen.

No one can produce the desired future on-demand.

Some people are better at guessing, but no one is a clear clairvoyant.

The people who were infatuated to know everything rejected Harry Potter, Walt Disney, and the Beatles.

The real gap is not between people who know and who don’t know, but

The real gap is between the people who are consistent with their best works then who hold back.

Action and consistency are power.

Don’t listen to Naysayers.

Motion forward.

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