StealthMole Secures $7 Million Series A Funding to Expand Dark Web Intelligence Operations

StealthMole, a startup harnessing AI for dark web intelligence, specializing in cyber threat monitoring and crime detection, revealed on Thursday its successful completion of a $7 million Series A funding round.

Based in Singapore, with a research and development hub situated in South Korea, the company plans to utilize the newly acquired funds to establish further R&D centers. This investment will also bolster the commercial utilization of its technology in the B2B sector and facilitate geographical expansion.

Simon Choi, the Chief Technology Officer of StealthMole, emphasized the significance of their South Korean R&D office, stating that it offers invaluable insights into the modus operandi of hackers in East Asia. He also highlighted the diverse backgrounds of their researchers in various locations, aiding in the comprehensive analysis of data pertinent to neighboring countries.

Founded in 2022 by Louis Hur, a cybersecurity expert and serial entrepreneur, serving as CEO, and Choi, an OSINT profiler and former adviser to South Korea’s key intelligence and defense agencies, StealthMole caters to over 50 clients spanning 17 countries across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

The company primarily serves government and law enforcement agencies, as well as cybersecurity teams within enterprises, assisting in incident management, threat analysis, and providing cybersecurity advisory services.

Hur, reflecting on the inception of StealthMole, noted the critical gap in the cybersecurity market, particularly within Asia, which spurred the establishment of the company. He stressed the necessity for a deeper understanding of digital threats and their regional contexts to combat escalating cybercrimes effectively.

Drawing from an extensive pool of 255 billion analyzed data points sourced from the dark web, deep web, and various concealed platforms, StealthMole employs sophisticated techniques to track down criminals and mitigate cyber risks.

One key aspect that sets StealthMole apart from its competitors in the cybersecurity realm is its specialized focus on Asia-related threats. Kevin Yoo, the Chief Operating Officer, highlighted the surge in cyberattacks witnessed in Asia, especially in the wake of rapid digital transformation, making the region particularly vulnerable to cyber espionage.

The Series A funding round was spearheaded by Korea Investment Partners, with contributions from Hibiscus Fund and Smilegate Investment, underscoring the growing recognition and demand for StealthMole’s unique dataset globally.

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