Disruption takes time. Every step count.

You are a teenager, or in your 20’s, or in your 30’s or in any x’s of your life you must have heard the golden words from the ancient mariner:

“swiftly-swiftly flew the ship rising gently on the coming tides”.

In life, along with our goals journey is equally rewarding.

Every single step counts.

Disruption takes time.

There is nothing in the doctor’s clinic or Hospitals today that was 100 years ago.

X-ray imaging, CT scanner, an MRI machine, prosthetics and implants, Cardiac Defibrillator, and Hypodermic Needle. Nothing.

Every instrument, every technology, every gadget, and the way patients are treated is changed.

All improvements count whether large or small.

Small improvements are the most substantial ones because they are fundamental objects that will become huge stacks tommorow.

Rome was not built in a day.

Every time you improve(small or large) you meet with resistance.

Every resistance you overcome increases your willpower and takes you one step further towards the destination.

Small bites.

Every change was battled, and everyone who battled against the old was judged and criticized that’s how the real world operates – Skeptic and Judgemental, but statues are erected to honor the criticized.

Disruption takes patience, vision, and strokes of persistence.

One who wins the slog will owe the future.

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