This is why bloggers do not succeed

You feel the emotion of failure when you couldn’t achieve your goals. Why can’t we achieve our goals?

The following is the basic series of mistakes people make when setting
out to achieve goals:

  1. Lack of a plan, and a plan of action.
  2. Lack of correct evaluation of the resources available.
  3. Poor targetting by setting objectives that are very low.
  4. Severely underestimating what it will take in terms of actions,
    resources, money, and energy to accomplish the target.
  5. Focussing on competing rather than dominating.
  6. Not prepared for the adversity that one need to overcome to achieve success.
  7. Lack of prudence and understanding that there is a slog to conquer.

If you look around, you will likely see that humankind, by and large, tends to set targets at subpar levels. Many people, in fact, have been programmed to set targets that are not even of their own design.

Bloggers do often make mistakes they start to target every keyword. This is the mistake. Your blog is marketing as a service, You are connecting to people. The key is not connecting randomly to every person, but a target niche.

We are told what is considered to be “a lot of money”—what is rich, poor, or middle class. We have predetermined notions about what is fair, what is difficult, what is possible, what is ethical, what is good, what is bad, what is ugly, what tastes good, what looks good, and on and on. So don’t assume that your goal setting isn’t impinged upon by these already-established parameters, too.

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