Bloggers — Will you react, respond or initiate?

Establishing a successful blog may be a tough process. It involves slog. Slog can be conquered by patience and consistency.

In the moment of deepest distress will you react, respond or initiate?

Bloggers may get disheartened by peers review, societal opinion, and their own villains inside them.

During your blogging journey — You have only three recurring offers — react, respond or initiate.

What’s your next course of action bloggers?

The reaction gives us instinctive satisfaction and emotional outburst, and it mostly leads to bad outcomes.

Responding is smarter. It requires each of us to think hard about the action and emotion we seek to create after something is put on our desks.

Initiating is easiest and can be leveraged to our advantage, yet so difficult to implement and enforce our own agendas.

Let us critically examine the options.

In chores of unconscious behavior, the option available will be to respond. This is someone else setting our agenda.

In moments of uncertainty, the best reflex is to react.

In the deepest awareness, we can initiate. we are in the slog, but it will eventually end.

The right decision.

Bloggers, Conscious motion forward.

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