Tiny audiences are powerful pollinator

Tiny audience the pollination effect

The world is large. Bifurcated and polarized.

Can you tell stories or write blogs for everyone? The answer is no. You will be doomed.

Mostly, people are average people. Average people have multiple perspectives. Average people have no clear interpretation of this world. Average people easily get satisfied and they hardly explore new dimensions.

When you try to write for everyone, you will appeal none.

You are a blogger and a storyteller. You must target a tiny audience. Build trust with this tiny audience. This tiny audience will spread your agenda.

All living organisms reproduce. Plants do reproduce.

According to letstalkscience.ca:
Flowering plants reproduce sexually through a process called pollination. The flowers contain male sex organs called stamens and female sex organs called pistils. Plants can either self-pollinate or cross-pollinate.

There are various agents that may cause pollination: wind pollination, water pollination, and insect pollination.

Many of the world’s most important crop plants are pollinated either by wind, insects, or water. Wheat, rice, corn, rye, barley, and oats are some examples. Many trees of economic importance are pollinated by wind and insects or animals.

For bloggers, their stories are like flowers. Your blogs are like small flowers if you attract the correct tiny audiences then can pollinate your blog to multiple readers.

You can compare your tiny audience to the flow of wind, water, and flying insects. They will carry your blog pollen from one point to another.

Now you have got the point. You have decided to be niche-driven and target a tiny audience. This tiny audience will pollinate your blogs to many readers.

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