Content marketing with intent

Content marketing is comparable to art.

Art creates change.

Content marketing can fulfill the same purpose.

Change may be — a change in perspective, a change in the viewer, and sometimes it is so powerful that it impacts the whole culture.

The same goes with content marketing, which when done without any intent can only entertain us or enforce stereotypes that already persist in the world.

Content marketing with selfish intent exists to manipulate the reader to serve the needs of the marketer.

It doesn’t often mushroom, but when it does it can have a massive impact on our sales.

The impact can be both positive or negative.

But content marketing with generous intent is different.

It might not address the issue the way you would have imagined, but it can create tension to break locked thinking & think critically, and device methods that can transition to the transformation of your business.

If the article sounds confusing then I have a Clue: Niche blogging.

I am not sure if content marketers are clear about what they want when they sat down for creating content.

Content marketing itself seems to make a change in the world. And the ability to create content through intent lies in each of us.

Being focused and niche blogging could be the answer to many of the results anticipated by the content marketers.

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