Top SSL Certificate Providers

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that establishes an encrypted connection between a computer and a server. It is commonly used to transmit sensitive data, such as credit card details, personal information, banking credentials, and tax records, over the internet securely.

According to Lauren Drell at Mashable, if you operate an e-commerce website where products or services are sold, it is crucial to secure your site with an SSL certificate. This encryption ensures that your customers’ sensitive information remains protected, providing them with the assurance that their data will not be compromised or stolen, mitigating the risk of identity theft.

By implementing an SSL certificate, businesses can cultivate trust and confidence among their online customers, as it demonstrates a commitment to safeguarding their privacy and personal data during transactions and interactions on the website.

  1. Symantec
  2. GeoTrust
  3. Comodo
  4. DigiCert
  5. Thawte
  6. GoDaddy
  7. Network Solutions
  8. RapidSSLonline
  10. Entrust Datacard

When choosing an SSL certificate provider for your website, popularity and trustworthiness are crucial factors. While offerings and features among different providers are largely similar, a well-recognized and reputable SSL certificate authority can significantly increase customer confidence and assurance in the security of your site.

For customers unfamiliar with SSL providers like Symantec or DigiCert, having their web pages authenticated and verified by these established companies can go a long way in convincing them that your site is safe and secure. However, it’s important to note that no certificate authority is infallible, as evidenced by the DigiNotar incident in 2011, where hackers compromised hundreds of their certificates, including one for Google that was used for spying in Iran. This breach led to DigiNotar’s eventual bankruptcy and a loss of trust and sales for their clients until they could secure a new SSL certificate provider.

Ultimately, the best SSL certificate provider for your needs depends on factors such as desired features, budget, and the provider’s reputation for robust security measures and commitment to protecting their clients’ sites. While offerings may seem similar, prioritizing a provider with a strong track record of safeguarding their customers’ data can prevent costly breaches and maintain user confidence in your online operations.

To help you make an informed decision, here are some of the top SSL certificate providers to consider based on their security features, trustworthiness, and customer needs.

  1. Symantec (Broadcom)
    Symantec, now owned by Broadcom, continues to be a leader in high-end encrypted traffic management and SSL/TLS solutions. Their offerings support the latest TLS 1.3 encryption protocol while maintaining the renowned security and quality that has made Symantec one of the most trusted names in the industry. While their premier services come with a higher price tag, many businesses are willing to pay a premium for the unparalleled level of security and protection Symantec provides.
  2. GeoTrust
    For those seeking a more economical option, GeoTrust presents a compelling alternative with its range of SSL certificate packages. Their basic encryption starts at $149 annually, while their maximum security solution tops out at $344 per year. Regardless of the package, GeoTrust promises 256-bit encryption, comprehensive expert support, and warranty protection – offering excellent value for small to medium-sized businesses.
  3. Sectigo (Comodo)
    Sectigo, after acquiring Comodo’s SSL business, has emerged as a versatile provider catering to diverse needs – from home offices and small e-commerce sites to large enterprises. Their offerings include up to 256-bit encryption and are trusted by almost all major web browsers. Sectigo provides unlimited server licenses, dedicated phone support, and robust warranty protection starting at $500,000. Their basic DV SSL package is priced at $79 per year with quick issuance, while their high-assurance EV SSL starts at $228 annually. Although one of the most reputable CAs, it’s worth noting that Comodo was previously involved in a breach incident similar to DigiNotar’s, where fake certificates were used for surveillance in Iran – underscoring the importance of ongoing security vigilance.
  4. DigiCert
    DigiCert has earned the trust of numerous high-profile companies and multinationals, including IBM, Verizon, and the majority of Fortune 100 firms. They offer SSL certificates with encryption strengths of up to an impressive 4096-bits at reasonable prices. For example, their Wildcard SSL certificates that secure entire domains cost less than $700 per year, while their most basic individual SSL package is available for $207 annually – making DigiCert an affordable yet enterprise-grade solution.
  5. Thawte
    Thawte is another leading low-cost SSL provider, with its entry-level plan priced at $149 per year and featuring 256-bit encryption. For businesses requiring more advanced validation, Thawte’s EV SSL certificates are very competitively priced at under $350 annually, or $688 for a two-year commitment – offering impressive savings over longer validation periods.
  6. GoDaddy
    While GoDaddy is best known as the world’s largest domain registrar, they have also emerged as a popular choice for SSL certificates. Their basic package is priced at $79.99 per year, with their fully-managed option available for $199.99 – both of which can be customized to meet specific business needs. A key advantage of choosing GoDaddy is their renowned 24/7 support infrastructure, ensuring businesses can access knowledgeable assistance at any time.
  7. Network Solutions
    Network Solutions presents a strong value proposition with its competitively-priced SSL packages. Their most affordable Xpress SSL starts at just $59.99 per year on a two-year term and supports 256-bit encryption with 99% browser ubiquity. Customers can expect excellent round-the-clock support via online chat, fast issuance turnarounds, free reissues, and the assurance of a long-standing, trusted brand name.
  8. RapidSSLOnline
    For businesses on tighter budgets, RapidSSLOnline offers some of the most inexpensive SSL options while boasting a customer base of over 400,000 websites across four major brands. Their flexible model allows you to purchase certificates tailored to protecting code signing, a single site, multiple sites, or entire groups of subdomains. With a simple interface for browsing SSL products by brand or certificate type, RapidSSLOnline makes it easy to find an affordable solution tailored to your needs.
  9. is focused on delivering high-assurance protection for single sites, multiple domains, or comprehensive wildcard coverage for all subdomains. Their certificates work seamlessly with 99% of web browsers and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, 24/7 support, free lifetime reissues, and added trustmarks like dynamically-generated site seals and prominent https indicators – helping to boost visitor confidence. also provides a user-friendly account management portal.
  10. Entrust Datacard
    Entrust Datacard takes a comprehensive approach to security, offering solutions for safeguarding both digital identities/transactions as well as physical credentials and access. Their SSL/TLS certificates enable secure encrypted connections, while their broader identity and access management tools support authentication and data protection for a range of public/private sector use cases spanning finance, enterprise IT, citizen services, and more. Entrust is a long-standing, trusted partner for many government and corporate organizations globally.

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